At a glance – Invenio Key features


INVENIO applies deep linguistic analysis to unstructured text in order to analyse, extract and structure information strategically


INVENIO supports a large scope of languages so you can analyse textual documents from different countries


INVENIO high-quality extractions enables to do internally in a matter of minutes what you need to subcontract for days or weeks.

extractions de haute qualité 


INVENIO is user-friendly and customisable platform at the user's level. The user is the owner of this extraction tool

Invenio key benefits


  • Ready to use
  • Cost Effective
  • High quality of extraction formats
  • Efficient extraction of information
  • Reliable technology for best understanding of data
  • Solution Oriented


  • 100% User Friendly (DIY)
  • Multilingual
  • Deep Syntactic (highest precision level)
  • Bottom-Up semantic inference (from specific to generic)
  • No Machine Learning required
  • Handles any Natural Language Query
  • No Pre-Defined Structure Required
  • Full WEB Service

A major break into information processing -

Invenio enables you to:

Retrieve precise information rather than documents

Events & relations -
Opinion & Rumours -
Predictions -
single image

Detect, structure & capitalise on strategic information
- Retrieve important content in a click
- Get information in formats (as excel table)
- Use information eaily for business decisions