Compliance +

Compliance +

Built on a Flexible Data Model, Compliance+ acts as an aggregator capturing data from multi-sources, required for the most effective and secure KYC process.

It automates all KYC, Client Onboarding, AML, DueDil Investigation, Sectorial Analysis and Risk Analysis processes.

It also simplifies and improves business workflows and ensures you don’t miss out on new opportunities for growth.

A visual access to information

Identify threats with a real time risk mapping solution.

KYC-AML Report

(Intuitive, Efficient, Easy to use and Exhaustive).
  • Identification of the shareholders and of the Ultimate Beneficial Owner(s)
  • Identification of all Politically Exposed Persons
  • A full screening of the Broad of Director and Managers
  • A web check using our state of the art NLP technology to get the possible adverse news
  • A watch list for the monitoring of people, companies and concepts such as financial crime (which includes tax evasion, money laundering, embezzlement, corruption, organised crime, terrorism financing).
  • An audit trail

Big Data collection

A multiple source and multi-format connectivity .
  • Real-Time Web Monitoring of over 150M sources
  • OpenData access
  • Specific connectors with major data vendors
  • SparQL connectivity
  • Connectivity to internal data
  • Structured and Unstructured handling
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of Compliance+


  • Numerous Data Sources Aggregation
  • Big Data Access & Extractions
  • Real-Time & Surveillance Monitoring
  • Graphical Interfaces
  • PathFinding Algorithms
  • Various Natural Language Query Handling
  • Full WEB Service


  • Easy End-User Interfaces
  • Automated Alerts
  • Automated Expansions
  • Automated Reports For Regulators
  • Efficient & Reliable
  • Cost Effective
  • Available & Flexible

Succes stories

Over the last year, we have gained the trust of some major clients and established strategie partnerships with key market editors.