• Do you want to avoid or lower the cost of your compliance processes? If your answer is 'yes', this webinar is for you.
  • INVENIO Engine provides a wide range of text analytics functions, coming as a RESTful API methods. Based on deep syntactic and semantic analysis, INVENIO delivers results with a high level of precision.
  • What are the challenges of compliance officers in banks and financial institutions? How graph analytics can revolutionise the financial industry with new ways to evaluate risks & operate full investigation for secure client onboarding.
  • INVOXIS launches its new Client Onboarding platform solution for all companies to detect direct and indirect risks associated to your clients, investments and partners.
  • Thanks to INVOXIS: - Extract, Analyse, Structure all data sources in real time - Transform data into valuable and accurate business information for best decision making - Strong visualisation for intuitive & conversational discovery of actionable information
  • INVOXIS invites the financial community to explore its unique technology through their new website
  • Invoxis would like to introduce its partner Sindup, which provides a monitoring platform