INVOXIS taking part to 'Trophee Big Data' 2016

Know Your Value Through Data-Sciences

APIEC (French chapter of SCIP: Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals), animated by its president, M. Henri Laude.

BlueDsX, Blue Soft group data-sciences lab: solution integrator.

INVOXIS, INVOXIS is a pioneer in the text mining and NLP markets, offering software solutions to businesses in order to collect, analyse and use efficiently information. Its unique technology offers an investigation platform, which collects strategic information to help banks in their KYC Client-Onboarding, AML, DueDil Investigation & Sectorial Analysis processes.

Advanced Research Partners (ARP), start-up specialized in data-sciences and Intelligence: algorithms editor that allowed the clusterisation and the interpretation of very voluminous graphs.

Project Goals
  • Assess the logistic and commercial network of a competitor and its chain of value
  • Master the “Know Your Suppliers” process and the risks associated to the chain of value from its own company

  1. The user navigates in the graph basis through the Invoxis technology,
  2. ARP algorithms detect :
    - Groups of companies and individuals generating (or destructing) value or risks
    - Influencers, providers and privileged clients
    - Key relationships between clusters
  3. In the end, the user can assess the chains of values and the risks surrounding the analyzed target.

Innovative Aspects
Nowadays, the aspects related to the operational knowledge of the chains of value and of the risks are under-exploited through the voluminous graphs.

This project includes algorithmic innovations and mathematics linked to data-sciences, such as the ARP development of an evolved version of the clusterisation technics, from the SpinGlass algorithm.

Observed Recovery of Data
The results are used within executive dashboards useful to the company leaders, to the compliance officers, to the commercial units’ managers, to the marketing specialist and also to the risk managers.

These information impact the company strategy, its development capacity and its resilience.

Stages To Come and Big Data Process in the Company
APIEC will spread the results of this work to its communities and to its permanent members and sponsors. This exploration field is huge, carrying value and… captivating! 


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