INVOXIS was created with a single objective: enabling our clients to extract, collect and analyse structured and unstructured data from multiple sources in order to make the best decisions for their businesses (On boarding on retail clients and deeper investigation related to sensitive cases).



INVOXIS provides banks and corporates with the ability to process their KYC, Client-Onboarding, AML, DueDil Investigation & sectorial analysis process in the most efficuant way.
Our platform collects automatically strategic information from different and numerous sources to assess all opportunities and risks for companies easily.


Our platform is based on two proprietary technologies :

VISIONLINK is our Graph Database technology enabling to store, calculate and visualize collected and processed information from multiple sources. It provides advanced functions to investigate and reveal critical information to the analysts.
INVENIO is our Natural Language Processing technology which analyzes textual contents from multiple sources to extract risks, events and relationships automatically. Invenio can process massive amount of data with a high level of precision, thanks a perfect blend between syntax (generic language rules), wich defines objects; Semantics which defines type constraints and Text-Morphing function, which produces equivalent forms for a given expression.

Our products

Compliance + for Investigation

Access to a set of advanced features and data sources to perform your investigations (complex DueDils, M&A, Market Analysis).

Compliance+ provides you with Graph Visualization of the information with advanced functions.

Capitalize on your knowledge and third party information and explore the topology of complex structures.


Compliance + for Onboarding

Compliance+ is a unique solution to handle your KYC process, Client Onboarding and AML verification. By tackling multiple sources at once and the automated reading of press and web contents, the analyst gains time whilst reducing its counterparties risks.
Compliance+ provides you with:
-          Key business information (governance structure, shareholders, subsidiaries)
-          Sanctions detection
-          Risk analysis (with advanced NLP detection)
-          Politically Exposed Person identification



Invoxis provides you a fully integrable API solution to automate your screening process and get your KYC files updated and monitored:

With Invoxis Mass-Screening solution:

- Process a massive amount of customer files at once
- Perform customers monitoring through regular updates
- integrate easily to your existing KYC workflow